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Having started and ran businesses, Sunil knows what it takes to get a business tarted and grow it along the way by using lessons learnt throughout the journey.

Industry Expert

Having been in the industry for well over 10 years, bth in the practitioner and entrepreneur element, he is able to share his knowledge to better help people.


He currently look to invest in businesses that are in line with his mission as well as those that are plateauing that can use some help in the form of financial/sweat equity or acquisitions


With the knowledge he has gathered along the way, he also advises business that are in need of help or support. This is a less hands on approach in terms of implementation but still helps to get results by taking a birds eye view on the business.


This is a similar service tot he advisor role but this is more hands on thus he is more involved in the business and business decisions day-to-day. A useful service for those looking to a temporary partner to build the business out and support the growth of the business.

Sunil Francis is an Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer, Mentor, and Consultant. He’s been in business for 10+ years, in various capacities from starting businesses to mentoring and advising SME businesses and solopreneurs, and longer in the Health and Fitness industry.

He now uses his business knowledge and acumen, on top of his experience in the health and fitness industry, to help others on their journey in an advisory and consultant service to businesses and entrepreneurs. and continue running businesses he is involved in and owns

He offers his free time outside of his own business to help and serve others to put them in a better position in different capacities, for example, advising, consulting mentoring, and coaching.

He offers help around both business and Health and Fitness, both the business side as well and lifestyle side (training, healthy eating, lifestyle changes, etc.).

Amie Touray,

Amie Touray,

Be London Fashion

Sunil Francis has been my business mentor for the last 6 months and he has provided great support and invaluable business knowledge. He is highly organised and takes the time to provide tailored advice according to my business needs e.g. inviting me to industry specific networking events and connecting me with new business partners. He is quick to bring up suitable suggestions to business issues and plans ahead to provide the best advice possible. I am very please with the support I have been given so far and look forward to many more mentoring sessions that will benefits my business in Retail fashion.

Nils Bucknell

Nils Bucknell

Programme Director, Next Big Thing Programmes CIC

Sunil was a mentor on the March 2015 Next Big Thing programme which is a business development competition for 16 – 18 year old students. Sunil mentored a group of 5 students from a school in South London and was an excellent mentor for his team who ended as runners up out of 8 teams in the competition. The team gave excellent feedback on Sunil’s support during the programme and it was obvious he built an excellent relationship and had great rapport with them. Sunil guided his team with skill and helped them take responsibility for their own learning and development ensuring their experience was worthwhile and lasting. Along with mentoring skills Sunil also highlighted excellent coaching and facilitation skills underpinned by communicating effectively with his team showing great patience and empathy. It would be great to have Sunil mentor on the programme again and I would have no hesitation recommending him for similar roles.

Karla Thomas

Karla Thomas

Catering start up business

After using Sunil's services, I was able to get a clear picture of what I wanted and also it gave me the courage to go out and meet my target audience. Now I am able to move forward with my business Sunil's breakdown approach to helping me with my business gave me the wisdom to move forward. I would recommend him to help future clients.


Consultant and Mentor

As a consultant, I aim to help business owners grow their business. I cover most aspects of business and I specialise in using online marketing strategies to grow their business in a shorter amount of Read more…

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