As a consultant, I aim to help business owners grow their business. I cover most aspects of business and I specialise in using online marketing strategies to grow their business in a shorter amount of time than traditional marketing strategies. “85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses”. Using these online strategies allows business owners to get the best out of their business in the time they have, as time is our most precious asset in business. It also allows them to use the remaining time to utilise other aspects of business.

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After consulting with many businesses specialising in online marketing strategies for business growth, I noticed the lack of support available to small businesses, with typically small budgets. So, I decided to start mentoring as well as continuing to consult.

Mentoring has been a big part of my businesses. I received my first official mentoring session after leaving the fitness industry 1 year into my first business and I haven’t looked back since. With my passion for mentoring, I have set up a platform that helps low budget businesses access the invaluable support and knowledge of experienced individuals to solve a variety of business problems and challenges. I don’t see a low budget as a reason why businesses should fail and should not have access and support from people that can passionately help their business succeed. As a mentor, I help to point entrepreneurs in the right direction by working with them to see a wider range of ideas and to successfully achieve their desired goal.

If you are interested with working with me, feel free to start the process by contacting me here.

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